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Our goal is to provide knowledgeable, respectful and reliable service to each individual client while accommodating their specific needs, resulting in improved overall health and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

At 5-Point Myotherapy, we have helped hundreds of people structure and balance their bodies through corrective exercise and strength training, and manual soft tissue manipulation.

These combined modalities are the key to total body wellness. The benefits of our approach are countless, including but not limited to: increased flexibility, energy, confidence, and  corrective exercise and strength as well weight loss and pain management.

5-Point Myotherapy is proud to be a part of your well-being and is committed to bettering your quality of life.

Come take the journey and let us be your guide along the way!  Whether you are interested in one of our services, or all three, contact us to begin your journey to a better you.

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personal training plans

learn to lift plans

Beginning any Resistance Training Program requires a solid structural foundation. We will tailor a 6 week program that involves your body’s specific needs to build that foundation coupled with proper technique, muscle connection and core function. What you learn in 6 weeks is very valuable and can keep you safe for a lifetime of fitness. Contact us now to learn more!

learn to lift 30 minute plan twice per week


learn to lift 60 minute plan twice per week


strength training

5-Point Myotherapy believes that corrective exercise and strength training is an important part of any fitness plan and is essential to total body wellness. Every workout plan should include corrective exercise and strength training — and building a foundation before progressing to muscle development is crucial to proper mechanical advancement.

Muscle Recovery

5-Point Myotherapy is an advocate of soft tissue manipulation for muscle recovery. The benefits of trigger point release, myofascial release, and fascial stretch therapy is crucial to the development and recovery of overworked or imbalanced muscles in the mechanical structure of the body.


body function


Enhance athletic performance


Improve soft tissue function


Promote relaxation


Increase range of motion


Reduce muscle tension


Help prevent injuries


Pain management


Injury Recovery


Increased libido


Weight Loss


Complete body wellness


And much more!

the key to total body wellness

combined modalities

5-Point Myotherapy not only provides therapy for relaxation and injury recovery, we also provide you with many corrective exercise and strength training benefits that will help enhance your performance and results.

We begin by analyzing your movement to identify any dysfunction in your kinetic chains.  Once identified, we move forward with developing a foundation from which we build on.  Without a solid foundation, the building blocks of strength training may do more damage instead of being beneficial

By combining our strength training program with the benefits of our gentle, non-invasive, hands-on therapy, you really start to see the full potential of our full body wellness program . 5-Point Myotherapy service is personalized. We work individually with each client to focus on your individual goals.

Strength Training

Corrective exercise and strength training is an important part of any fitness plan and is essential to total body wellness.


Non-invasive assisted stretch that can have several benefits for the body!

Soft Tissue manipulation

Crucial to the development and recovery of overworked or imbalanced muscles.


Client Testimonials

“I began working with 5-Point Myotherapy in March of 2015 to address a back injury after a car accident.  I began slowly with strength training, and soon thereafter incorporated stretch and massage therapy as well.  As my injury improved, I started feeling better than I had in years. As a mother of 5, I had tried countless diets and workout plans, but had always stopped when I didn’t see results and got bored.  Working with SSS was different from anything I had done before.  I got personal attention, fun workouts and nutritional support.  By July of 2015, I was able to fit in my dream bikini and keep up with my kiddos. I now feel like a new person thanks to the motivation, coaching, and effort 5-Point Myo gave me.”

“They are very attuned to your body’s needs–she finds the knots and tight/stiff places, and always seems to know the right amount of pressure to use.  This massage is similar to ones I have received in the past from physical therapists–for me, I need more than a standard relaxation massage, and I always feel so much better after my massage.  Looking forward to being a regular client!”

“It’s not hard to see that the training and help that I got from 5-Point Myotherapy really turned my life around. In my junior year of high school, I weighed 290 pounds and suffered from dangerously high levels of cholesterol. Doctors had told me that if I didn’t make serious changes, I would begin to see my health seriously deteriorate as soon as I turned 30. It wasn’t until I got the support I needed from 5-Point to find the strength within myself to turn my health around. Now, after working with 5-Point for over two and a half years, I have lost well over 100 pounds and live a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Nothing in my life has had such a positive impact on me than my training.”

feel the difference

We at 5-Point Myotherapy know that choosing the proper place for your wellness is difficult with many options out there.  We also know that there are a lot of places that claim they will be able to give you results. But if you want scientifically proven, evidence based program design in addition to soft tissue manipulation and a team of people who really care about helping you, then make the decision that could change your life!

strength training


Improved Posture


Weight Loss


Increased Energy

Fascial Stretch Therapy


Healthier Sleep


Pain Relief/Management



Soft Tissue Manipulation


Increased Blood Flow


Injury Rehab


Improved Movement

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The fitness experts at 5-Point Myotherapy can design an individualized corrective strength training program that will be safe and effective for you.